For Valour - The history of Southern Africa's Victoria Cross Heroes

by Ian Uys

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  • For Valour - The history of Southern Africa's Victoria Cross Heroes(1973)

    This is the story of the men whose deeds of gallantry will live forever in the annals of Southern Africa's history - men such as the surgeon who, having been shot through the chest, plugged the hole with gauze and continued ministering to the needs of others.

    After 15 years of research(1973) the author has collected the biographic details of all the Southern African V.C. heroes, not only those serving in South African or Rhodesian units, but also those South Africans who served in other Commonwealth forces and who received the supreme award for gallantry.

    From the massacre which spurred a South African on to win the V.C. during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, to the heroic selfsacrifice of South Africa's "Pathfinder" pilot over Germany in 1945, the story surrounding every Victoria Cross award is told.

    In addition the campaigns in which the awards were won are described and the later lives of the recipients detailed.

    ISBN 0 620 00822 9

    Part 1
    	CRIMEA 1854 
    		Lieut C. C. Teesdale
    	INDIAN MUTINY 1857 
    		LieutenantJ. P. H. Crowe
    	FRONTIER WAR 1877 
    		Major H. G. Moore
    	ZULU WAR 1879 
    		Corporal C. F. Schiess and Acting Assistant Commissary J. L. Dalton
    	MOIROSI WAR 1879 
    		Trooper P. Brown and Sergeant R. G. Scott
    		Surgeon Major E. B. Hartley
    	ZULU WAR 1879 
    		CaptainH. C. D' Arcy and Sergeant E. O'Toole
    	BASUTO WAR 1880-1 
    		Trooper J. Danaher
    		Trooper H. S. Henderson 
    		Trooper F. W. Baxter 
    		Captain R. C. Nesbitt
    	SOUTH AFRICAN WAR 1899-1902 
    		Captain C. H. Mullins and Captain R. Johnston
    		Sergeant H. R. Martineau and Trooper H. E. Ramsden
    		Trooper H. Albrecht
    		Corporal J. J. Clements
    		Sergeant J. Rogers
    		Lieutenant W. J. English
    		Sergeant-Major A. Young
    		Surgeon Captain T. J. Crean.  
    		Surgeon Captain A. Martin-Leake
    	FIRST WORLD WAR 1914-18 
    		Bandsman T. E. Rendle 
    		Captain P. H. Hansen
    		Temporary Lieutenant W. Dartnell
    		Private W. F. Faulds 
    		Captain W. A. Bloomfield 
    		Sergeant F. C. Booth 
    		Captain O. A. Reid 
    		Lance-Corporal W. H. Hewitt 
    		Major J. Sherwood-Kelly C.M.G., D.S.O  
    		Captain AM. M. Lascelles 
    		Lieutenant R. F. J. Hayward M.C. (Bar)  
    		Lieutenant R. V. Gorle  
    		Lieutenant A. W. Beauchamp-Proctor D.S.O., M.C.(Bar), D.F.C  
    		Major H. Greenwood D.S.O. (Bar), M.C 
    		Captain R. A. West D.S.O. (Bar), M.C 
    	SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-45 
    		Acting Squadron-Leader J. D. Nettleton  
    		Sergeant Q. G. M. Smythe  
    		Lieutenant G.R. Norton M.M.  
    		Captain E. Swales D.F.C.  
    Part 2
    Additional South African related VC recipients
    	CRIMEA 1854   
    		Malone,Sergeant Joseph 
    		Rowlands, Bt/Major Hugh
    		Craig, Colour-Sergeant James 
    		Roberts,Lieut Frederick Sleigh 
    		Wood, Lieut Henry Evelyn
    		Griffiths,  Private William
    		White,  Major George Stuart
    		Cunyngham, Lieut William Henry Dick 
    	BELGIUM 1917  
    		Robertson, Captain Clement 
    	BELGIUM 1940  
    		Gristock, Sergeant-Major George 
    	MALAYA 1942  
    		Anderson,Lieut-Col. Charles G W
    		Victoria Cross awards 1856-1972 (Including three Bars). 
    		South African and Rhodesian recipients of the Victoria Cross 
    		South African and Rhodesian units in which recipients were serving at the time they won the Victoria Cross awards 	.. 
    		South Africans (by birth or domicile) who were awarded the V.C. while serving in other Commonwealth forces 	...
    		South African and Rhodesian V.C.s - Summary of interesting features .... 
    		Campaigns in which these men participated
    		List of decorations awarded to these men (excluding campaign medals)
    		Victoria Cross awards won in South Africa,Rhodesia and Basutoland (Lesotho)
    		Victoria Cross awards won in Rhodesia and Basutoland (Lesotho)
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    About the author

    The Author
    Ian is a descendant of Knysna's first settler of 1770. He attended Muir College in Uitenhage and then served in the Air Force Gymnasium. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B Comm and also captained its boxing team. He was Selected as South Africa's first Commerce exchange student where he worked and studied in the USA then returned to qualify as a chartered accountant.

    He lives with his family in Knysna.

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