by John H Marsh

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THIS is a re-issue, up-dated and much more fully illustrated, of the book first published in 1944 that released the hitherto top secret story of what is surely the most dramatic and inspiring shipwreck and rescue drama of all time.

The story is true series of events related. There were some who labelled it "the wildest fiction" when first they read it. But it has stood the test of time. The incident that led to the participation in the drama of the Merchant Marines of several countries, the British and South African Navies, the South African Air Force, the South African Army, the South African Police and the South African Railways and Harbours Administration,demanding from each of the men their utmost resources of courage, endurance, persistence, ingenuity, compassion and humanity, as well as intelligence and muscle, took place midway through World War 2 off the coast of South West Africa (Namibia).

That particular part of the S.W.A./Namibia coast has been for centuries for all who knew it the most frightening piece of the Earth.

The story of the wrecking of the big British passenger liner Dunedin Star and the eventual rescue of her more than 100 passengers and crew, at the cost of other lives, another ship, a big aircraft, a number of army trucks, etc., has become known to millions since the book was first published, and is generally accepted to be the peer of true adventure stories so far to come out of Africa.

Naval and military censorship ruled when the earlier editions of Skeleton Coast were published, and only a handfull of approved photos were obtainable to illustrate the book. But for this expanded re-issue a remarkable collection of nearly 100 pictures, many of them history-making and of dramatic action, and most of them now published for the first time, has been assembled.

In the 70 years since the book was first published, there have been 14 print editions in three languages.
The ship wreck and all the signs of the rescue are still at the location in the desert.

This eBook version is based on the last edition to be published by John H Marsh in November 1978 in which he added details about the fate of each participant as an Appendix to the end of the original book. The eBook edition was last updated to the 2014 edition

Table of contents
Foreword Foreword by Rt Hon Field Marshal J Smuts
Preface Author's Preface to re-issue
  List of Illustrations
Chap 1 The Coast of Loneliness
Chap 2 A Doomed Liner
Chap 3 Playing a Game with Death
Chap 4 Rescue on the Way
Chap 5 A Mystery Wreck and a Skeleton Crew
Chap 6 The Rescuers Arrive
Chap 7 Braving the Breakers
Chap 8 Food from the Sky
Chap 9 Rafts
Chap 10 Another Wreck
Chap 11 Tragedy on the Tug
Chap 12 The Liner Survivors' Camp
Chap 13 Three Crews in Need
Chap 14 A Hero Unto Death
Chap 15 The Missing Convoy
Chap 16 A Landing on the Dunes
Chap 17 An unknown Land
Chap 18 Tempting Fate
Chap 19 The First Rescues
Chap 20 Surfboat Expedition
Chap 21 Bogged
Chap 22 Homeward Bound
Chap 23 Return
Chap 24 Disaster Again
Chap 25 The Curtain Falls
Appendix A How Each Castaway was rescued
Appendix B May 1978
Appendix C Fate Steered their Courses
Appendix D Skeleton Coast today
Appendix E What happened to them after the adventure Feedback from descendants given after 2004

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