RMS Titanic Biographies

by Ian Uys

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RMS Titanic Biographies by Ian Uys(2015)

The Titanic is the most famous shipwreck of all time.

While it did not have the most victims of all shipwrecks, it was the most traumatic event occurring between the Edwardian era and the Great War. The world was never the same afterwards.

The glossary at the back, gives insights into the personalities of the passengers and crew, many of whom perished in the icy waters. Aspects such as who the Australians aboard were, the airmen, olympians, moviestars, millionaires, dog owners etc, makes it easy to find the individuals and read upon their lives.

We read stories such as of;

  • A stewardesses - one locked into a cabin by mistake as the ship sank and another who survived to almost die in a ship sinking in the First World War.
  • Two foreign children went back to their flooded cabin to find money which their father had entrusted to them.
  • The father who left the lifeboat containing his family and returned to the sinking ship to die, as was expected of him.
  • The designer of the ship who predicted that the ship would founder within hours, then refused to don a lifejacket and died.
  • The Second Officer who was sucked against a grating then blown to the surface - to rescue soldiers at Dunkirk 28 years later.
  • A famous film star survivor who later starred in a movie about the sinking and was arrested by the Gestapo during World War II.
  • Many women who chose to remain with their husbands rather than leave them, including the owner of Macy’s Store in New York.
  • The countess who manned the tiller of a lifeboat, then handed it to her cousin while she comforted a Spanish newlywed.
  • The unsinkable lady who, in a lifeboat threatened to throw a belligerent seama noverboard and made the women to row.
  • Some had premonitions of the disaster and either didn’t board or remained awake at nights awaiting the inevitable.
  • The author of a book about such a ship striking an iceberg and sinking with great loss of life - who read as the Titanic sank.
  • The only ship‘s officer who went back to pick up survivors, resuscitated some then sailed between lifeboats.
  • A Belgian chef who drank a bottle of whiskey, then well fortified stood on the stern as the ship sank - to survive the cold sea.

The bravery shown by most men is legendary as they waited for the liner to sink.

For many of the 705 survivors the night of 14-5 April 1912 was indeed a "Night to Remember".

But the 1,517 victims did not die in vain. The resultant outcry caused the Board of Trade to change the rules and in future no ship sailed without enough lifeboats for all onboard. During the First World War alone this rule saved the lives of tens of thousands of seamen and passengers.

Nothing was more important than the lives of those aboard and among these pages, the stories are brought to life. An intimate knowledge about them and their loved ones.

Titanic Disaster Timeline
A to Z listing of those on Board the Titanic
Appendix 1 - Glossary of Who's Who / What
Appendix 2 - Order of Lifeboats lowered
Appendix 3 - Titanic Passengers & Crew who were Saved
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The Author

The Author
Ian is a descendant of Knysna's first settler of 1770. He attended Muir College in Uitenhage and then served in the Air Force Gymnasium. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B Comm and also captained its boxing team. He was Selected as South Africa's first Commerce exchange student where he worked and studied in the USA then returned to qualify as a chartered accountant.

He lives with his family in Knysna.

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