Large magnificent house for sale in Observatory, Johannesburg South Africa

236 Regent Street
236 Regent Street, with a large garden
View of the gardens and trees through 180 degrees from balcony
Who is a typical owner of a house as big as this one
  • People who buy houses in Observatory find it idyllic and those people seldom move to other areas of Johannesburg.They start off with small children, educate them via the excellent schools in the area, the children leave home , and their children come to visit their grandparents still in the original home.
  • The homes are large and executives invite friends for large lunch and dinner parties as the homes are built for entertainment.
  • A golf course is in the valley at ones doorstep.
  • The gardens are big, well established and filled with birds who roam the valley with its large houses and golf course.


    236 Regent Street

    The Dream home
  • This is a large family home that is adjacent to the Observatory Golf Course.
  • It is on a large property overlooking the golf course in a valley that is so quiet that all one hears when waking in the morning is the chirping of the birds.
  • It is situated in a valley bounded by two ranges of hills which keep most of the traffic out of the valley, with the golf course taking up most of the area of the valley with large houses on the bounding hills.
  • The house was built when the suburb was developed in the 1940's, is built of face brick and built in a high quality manner when vertical walls were vertical.
  • The property runs between two roads, one in the front and one at the rear, with neighbours only on the sides in similar large properties.
  • The house was originally built by a medical doctor who had his consulting rooms in the lower level of the house.
  • Later those rooms were converted into a full movie cinema complete with a projection room so that the noise of the projector did not disturb the family watching the movie.
  • A full size snooker table (8 legs) was added in 1946 by Union Billiard which is still in service.


    Three bedrooms side by side
    Three bedrooms side by side above the snooker & family room

    The buildings
  • The house has three separate bedrooms, two of which have built in cupboards.
  • There are 3 bathrooms and a guest toilet. The one bathroom is attached to the main bedroom.
  • One of the bathrooms has a large separate shower cubicle, built in cupboards and even a built in laundry basket.
  • One bathroom is halfway down stairs serving the family room on the bottom floor.

  • The entertainment area has a very large lounge with bay windows. It opens via sliding doors onto an entrance hall on the one side, and a large dining room on the other side.
  • The entrance hall opens onto a large patio, the lounge, and onto passageways to the kitchen and another to the bedrooms.
  • There is a spacious kitchen fitted with a glass top stove and eye level double oven with numerous built in cupboards.
  • A pantry opens onto the kitchen fitted with large built in cupboards.
  • A scullery connects the kitchen to the backyard patio. The scullery has built in cupboards.

  • The backyard patio is usually used for ironing and also has built in cupboards.
  • The backyard courtyard is enclosed by high walls and connects the house to outside buildings. It has a large sunny area which can be used for hanging washing.
  • The outbuildings comprise a very large double garage, a seperate storeroom, a domestic bathroom, a single domestic bedroom, a laundry with sinks and a double roomed domestic bedroom with sinks.

  • In the front of the house is a storeroom/changeroom for the swimming pool and a large covered patio below the upstairs patio.
  • There is a braai with firewood for your get-togethers with friends.
  • The area of the property is approximately 2211sq meters (23786 sq ft) and the area of the house and outbuildings is approx 600 sq meters (6400 sq ft)  

    Front patio
    Front Patio

    Internet connectivity
  • The house has high speed fibre available at its front gate. A fibre connection can be ordered if needed.
  • An LTE service from RAIN is available in the valley and has been in use by the owners for the past years.
  • LTE services via the cellphone network providers of Vodacom, MTN and Telkom are available in the valley.


    Front patio
    Entertaining on the patio

    City Council services
  • The house has prepaid electricity supplied from the Municipality.
  • The city council also provide water, refuse collection, and sewerage services which are charged monthly
  • Monthly charges by the City Council are R1103 for rates, R1120 for sewerage, and R396 for refuse removal.
  • The municipal value of the property in R1,993,000

    Full size snooker table
    Full sized snooker table and lights
    Full size snooker table
    Installed by Union Billiard 1946

    View from the room
    Overlooking the swimming pool and the golfcourse from bedroom window

    Swimming pool
  • The house has 50 kl swimming pool complete with pumps.
  • The pool is structurally sound and was painted about 15 years ago.
  • In recent times the pool has been used as a fishpond with goldfish who feed on insects that land in the pool.
  • To convert it back to a pool, the fish will need to be caught, the pool pumped out and the paintwork cleaned.
  • The swimming pool area is paved and is fenced.
    Large bathroom with full size bath and separate large shower cubicle

  • Observatory is a safe neighbourhood.
  • In twenty years of ownership we have only lost some garden tools and spanners from the garage.
  • The property has ten foot high fences on the boundaries with the roads in front and behind the property. The fences are topped with razor tape and have been in place for about thirty years.
  • There is a tall electric gate that controls vehicle and pedestrian access to the property.
  • A few residents on the south side of the golf course have alarm services like ADT, and there is a community guarding service with hourly patrols for those who want to join their service, but most properties manage without any external guarding services.
  • The property has burglar bars on the windows and the front door has a grate.
  • The backyard is enclosed with a high wall leading to the domestics outbuildings and garages and providing ample space for hanging laundry for drying.
  • The layout of the house is such that the bedrooms and 3 bathrooms are separated from the rest of the house by a doorway in the passage. The rooms are high off the ground and ther bathrooms open onto the secure courtyard at the back of the house. The entertainment rooms and kitchen are seperated from the sleeping area.  

    Spacious kitchen
    Spacious kitchen

    Nearby schools
    Observatory was established shorty after Johannesburg was founded and as a result is blessed to be close to some of the best schools in Johannesburg, especially for those interested in sports.
  • Sacred Heart Observatory
  • King Edwards VII High school
  • Jeppe Boys High School
  • St Johns College
  • Roedene College
  • Queens High School
  • Athlone Boys and Girls High Schools

  • King Edward VII Preparatory School
  • Jeppe Preparatory School
  • Cyridene Primary School
  • Linksfield Primary School

    and numerous others


    Established garden

    Nearby shopping centres
  • Eastgate shopping Center
  • Park Meadows shopping center
  • Bedfordview shopping center
  • Darras shopping center
  • Restaurants along Queen Street in Kensington


    Bedroom 2
    Large bedrooms

  • Lies in the old part of Johannesburg where roads are planned and run on a grid layout taking pressure off traffic jams.
  • Close to the main freeways on the Eastern sided of Johannesburg.
  • Just five robots and you are on the N3,R21, or R24 at Gillooley's interchange.
  • Easy approach into Johannesburg CBD


    Front garden overlooking golf course


    Front garden overlooking golf course


    Family playroom


    Three carports and a large double garage


    Long tarred driveway with electric gate

    Panorama shot of garden
    Panorama view of the gardens and trees through 180 degrees from balcony
    Panorama shot of garden 2
    Panorama view of the gardens and trees through 135 degrees from driveway
    Panorama shot of garden 3
    Panorama view of the gardens from the driveway
    Panorama shot of garden 4
    Panorama view of the gardens from front fence
    Panorama shot of carports and garage
    Panorama view of the double garages and three carports
    Aerial view of property
    Aerial view of property 236 Regent Street
    Aerial view of property relative to golf course
    Aerial view of property relative to golf course

    Asking Price R1 999 000 (negotiable)

    Mike Marsh (Owner)
    Tel 066 093 7296/010 237 0675

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