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Concerts at Deadwood Camp St Helena

(Ed - Nut en Vermaak is the Recreation Club)
Nut & Vermaak
"Nut and Vermaak" 12 Oct 1901
Memory of the Club "Nut & Vermaak" screen and back wall of the stage, on the occasion of the joint celebration of birthdays of the most Honourable Presidents SJB Burger and M.T. Steyn on the 12 October 1901

Stage backdrop for Nut en Vermaak Concert
Stage backdrop for Nut en Vermaak Concert

(Ed note :- A detailed description of this concert was published in De Krijsgevangene No 11 , a copy of which is in the addendum section of this book)

Program for concert
Program for concert 10 October 1900

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