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De Krijgsgevangene no 15 pg 1
De Krijgsgevangene No 15 pg 1

Author's copyright reserved. Saturday 28 December 1901 No. 15

De Krijgsgevangene (The Prisoner of War)
St Helena, Saturday 28 December 1901

H Everitt Editor

Christmas 1901

We want to start by wishing our readers a happy and prosperous New Year. As 1901 draws to a close may each and every one who finds himself a PoW, on St Helena or elsewhere, and once more wants to be home on his own property, under his own roof and amongst his family; and may all his circumstances turn profitable.

This is now the second, and for a large number of us, the third Christmas when we find ourselves in exile. Who would have thought in December 1900 when we celebrated Christmas so happily, that we should still be here having to celebrate this year? Still, we trust and pray that this will be the last time, and that before another Christmas Eve dawns, the war which has so ravaged our land and has claimed so many sacrifices from our dear people will have drawn to a close; and that over the whole world, Angel voices shall rise at the birth of our Saviour, as it is written in Luke 2 v 14:- Glory to God in the highest [heaven], peace on earth, and good will to all men.

Krygs Gevangenene no 15 pg 2
De Krygsgevangene No 15 pg 2

We are saddened by the news that Capt V de Witt Hamer has been confined to his bed by a back problem. We wish him a speedy recovery from this painful condition and look forward to him returning to our midst.

The Widow's and Children's Fund

We are pleased to inform our readers that once again a kist [of gifts] has been sent to Holland with the last mailboat. The Collectors are still busy accumulating items like curio's with a view to sending yet another collection which they hope will bring much joy and expect to be successful [in collecting]. The greatest demand is for snake boxes, bone brooches and small baboons [baviaantjes].

A coffee shop benefitting the abovementioned fund has also been opened by the "Strivers' Society". Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some cake, or any confectionery at reasonable prices, with all profits from this estimable enterprise going to support the fund. We cherish the wish that our brother PoWs will support this café in large measure.

We wish to give the management a tip - viz. [namely] instead of sending the profits, why not spend the money on curios made here in the camp, whereby the manufacturers of the curios would also stand to benefit, thus spreading assistance even further.

The manufacturers, knowing the purpose for which the curios were bought, and realising the source of the funds used to buy them, would be obliged to keep their prices reasonable.


Dear Editor
Please would you publish the following in "de Krygsgvangene"

Thank You
I the undersigned, having asked my fellow PoWs to contribute 200 pieces to the Diaconate Orphanage in s'Gravenhage, Holland, wish to let everybody who contributed, that they received a gift of 1000 items and wish to express their heartfelt gratitude.

Many orphans will be happy [Jubilate] when this kist arrives.

Thanking you for the donations, I remain
yours ;, ;,
H de Graaf
Hut 129

Krygs Gevangenene no 15 pg 3
De Krygsgevangene No 15 pg 3
The latest Mail

Camp News

The latest Mail brought a receipt from the treasurer of the Broekenhuizen Fund for the amount of £79:3:0 being the proceeds of sale in Rotterdam of goods made here by some of our PoWs.

This brings the total to £ 231:0:0

The following reply has been received following the congratulatory telegram sent on 10 October [on the occasion of President Kruger's birthday]

Casa Cara
Hilversum 17 October 1901
B.B. No VI 95.01
Honourable gentlemen
Prisoners of War
St Helana.

Dear honourable sirs

His Honour the President has instructed me to acknowledge your much appreciated congratulatory cablegram, on his Honour's 76th birthday. His Honour thanks you sincerely.
I have the honour to be
your devoted servant
(signed) C van Boeschoten.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve the different shops along what we refer to as the main road were decorated with flowers and greenery to great effect. Everything was clean and neat and even those with no outside decorations were worth seeing inside.

At midnight our newly formed Musical Corps started playing and several hymns, songs and Psalms were sung, the sounds of which rang out pleasantly in the stillnes of the night.

Considering the short time they have existed, praise is due to the Corps for the wonderful singing of musical items chosen by the audience and we are sure that after this they will be able to compete with all comers.

Debating Society

On 10th of December the debating societies of both D and B got together for a combined meeting held outdoors at which reading of [the] Journal was followed by a good programme of performances.

Everybody provided their own refreshments and the day passed pleasantly.

Judicial Commission We are told that the commissioners have progressed so well with the task of drawing up the regulations that they will, following the approval of the Camp Commandant, be displayed publicly and come into force with immediate effect.

Krygs Gevangenene no 15 pg 4
De Krygsgevangene No 15 pg 4

Entertainment [Nut en vermaak]

An exhibition of boxing took place once again in the Hall on 21st. The main event was two fights, both between Pienaar and Biggs, the first under the "Marquis of Queensberry" Rules and the second under the "London Prize Ring" rules. Both fights generated great interest, the second, because of its novelty, perhaps the most [interest]. Pienaar was the winner of both bouts.


We are pleased to hear that Cricket and Football are about to resume. We hope this is true and not simply a rumour...

Broadbottom Badinage

Troubles of a domestic nature have occupied your correspondent of late, old Placidity has been flying from one extreme to another and your readers may well imagine the anxiety caused by my quondam friend who after working himself into a pitch of religious enthusiam has now begin to regard Christianity as a frigid failure and civilisation a dismal dream. So securely has he wrapped himself in this cold and clammy mantle of scepticism that I experienced some difficulty in getting him to attend the opening of our "Orange Zaul" which momentous event took place on the 6th December.
The Chairman of the Club Mr Hugo van Niekerk in declaring the hall open, spoke of the many difficulties that had to be encountered in the erection of the building, the scarcity of "blinken" and material etc and concluded a happy little speech by returning thanks to the military authorities for the grant of tins, lights and so forth as well as to His Excellency the Governor who was kind enough to supply us with the necessary timber. The "BouwCommissie" consisted of Messers Will van Heerden, Kons Wessels and Johannes Greyling came in for their share of praise: particular mention was made of Mr H Kleinbel who without any ministerial portfolio contributed as much as the others to the successful construction of a building worthy of Broadbottom and the ability of the Afrikaners to "sukkel".
The tools used in the building were not such as would fascinate a civil or mechanical engineer, at one phase of the fight a well known individual was seen attempting to drive home tacks with a sledge hammer.
A programme arranged by the Concert Committee Messrs Adams, Fivaz and Ortlepp was done full justice to by the various performers. The first part of the entertainment was set apart for the display of such vocal powers as Broadbottom is proud to possess.

To be continued.

Agents for this paper are:
H.J. Fick Jamestown
C. Meyer Broadbottom

Printed and published by H. Everitt, Deadwood Camp at the offices of "De Krygsgevangene".

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