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Krygs Gevangenene no 13 pg1
De Krygsgevangene No 13 pg 1

Copyright reserved. Saturday 30 November 1901 No 13

De Krygsgevangene
St. Helena, Saturday 30 Nov 1901

H. Everitt Editor

As far as I am aware this printing of a newspaper by and for Prisoners of War is a unique occurrence, that is to say it has never happened before. Having been created from scratch it is not only an unique production but might well have great value in the future. This is shown by the sum of £1-10 having been paid before even a single word of "Camp Crumbs" was printed.

In order to allow every PoW to obtain every single issue of our paper, we have decided to no longer have it printed in Jamestown, but to do this work ourselves, as we have just started doing with this issue.

We have acquired first class equipment as well as the services of an outstanding reporter and shall thus be able to print this paper clearly for the measly price of one penny a copy! We believe that nobody will be able to complain about the price while we hope to enjoy a large measure of support from yourselves.

From now on we hope to be able to report as far as possible on everything that happens in the Camp which might be of interest [to us] - always being aware of considered choice of subjects. In order for us to be able to do this we must first be made aware of what is happening, and this will only be possible with the support of our fellow PoWs.

We are always pleased and grateful to receive information about the goings-on [verrigtinge] from the various camps or of any important occurrences, as well as deaths etc. We will also always find a place for correspondence and subjects of general interest, or notices to the camp.

If this appeal is heard we shall be able to promise our readers a newspaper of both important and interesting content.

We intend to publish this newspaper once every fourteen days and expect to use a single newspaper boy to distribute it, expressing the hope that it will enjoy the support of our fellow PoWs. Advertisements, for an affordable fee, can also find a place and as our overseas circulation increases, would be expected to realise good results.

Krygs Gevangenene no 13 pg2
De Krygsgevangene No 13 pg 2

A Musical Society

The latest Mail delivery brought with it, from our noble friends in Holland, an assortment of wind instruments, which shall allow us to establish a good orchestra. To put this into effect a meeting of musicians is called for 21 Nov in order to form a Musical Society. The Chairman and Conductor [to be] elected will be [Monsr] Raw, [Heer] Everitt the Secretary and Messrs H H Sausenthaler, Ernst and van der Kwast the commissioners. Some of the players are still weak, but in the coming month or two we should be able to expect good music from them, which will greatly cheer up our camp. Hearty thanks are extended to our donors!.

Camp News

[Nut en Vermaak] Entertainment

On Saturday n.n. the Fencing Club - "The Weapon Brothers" - together with the Gymnastics Club, held a display in their Clubhouse which resulted in a very interesting evening. There were musical numbers played by an amateur band, which also helped cheer the evening.

The gymnastics display included bar and free exercises with high and low stretches carried out by Messrs Van Zuijlen and Dijkman. Seven pupils also showed off their efforts to good effect. The Fencers worked in squares [carrees] using both staffs and short sticks, with pupils and others using both length sticks and as a 'piece de resistance', sabres. Teams included Valks (falcons) and Haas (rabbits) while Falcons and Highlands fought using staffs [long sticks]. Those who used sabres had the audience watching with bated breath and generated much interest.

Debating Club

On the occasion of the Reading of the monthly Journal, held by the Club as a picnic near Napoleon's grave, the members found it to be so pleasant to lie on the grass listening to the staged performances, that they decided to repeat this as a monthly exercise. Their membership numbers have increased significantly and using the old English adage, "There's life in the old dog yet".

Our Post Master

We are saddened to hear that our Post Master, Mr Kroon, in all likelihood will have to [stand down] as a result of suffering a sad condition. He has already lost sight in one eye and it is feared he might, God forbid, go completely blind.

The Doctor has recommended that he be sent to Europe to undergo an operation. May this happen, we wish him a good trip and a speedy recovery.

Krygs Gevangenene no 13 pg3
De Krygsgevangene No 13 pg 3

At the request of the teachers, the Camp has been named as an examination centre for the Cape University, and a number of PoWs are currently busy with High School exams. We wish them luck and hope that their success will inspire others to follow their example.

Executive Commission

Steps are being taken to establish a commission (committee?) to rule on matters of mutual interest in our camp and draw up a set of regulations, a de facto "Board".

When this is on a firmer footing, we will say more on the matter.


We extend a hearty welcome to Commandant Eloff and his comrades in our midst.


On Saturday 7 December there will be a concert in the [nut en vermaak] Recreation Hall open to all at an entry fee of sixpence.

We have had a preview of the programme an can assure everybody of the great value, at such a small cost, of the evening's entertainment.

The Widow and Orphans funds

The Collectors are once again busy collecting items for the above fund and we are sure their efforts will once again meet with success.

The last Mail included a kist of small items sent from Broad Bottom Camp. Now it is our chance to send something and we hope that every one will donate something.

Brothers! Do not donate only old junk which you would be unable to sell here. Give of your best pieces and the Lord will reward you for that.

Krygs Gevangenene no 13 pg4
De Krygsgevangene No 13 pg 4
Our Sporting Column

- The Billiard Handicap in the international and Sporting Club is drawing to a close, the final match having to be played this evening, between Messrs Geo Lamb and Phil Blignaut. We rather fancy the former will win, as he has been very kindly treated by the handicappers, receiving 40 points.

This being the first handicap played here, one can naturally not expect the handicapping to be perfect, & one or two have been somewhat hardly or too lightly treated. There have nevertheless been some very close games, & exciting finishes. To this class belong Bligmaut's two games with Parker and Stiemens, Parker's game with de Wet, Lamb versus Rothman, &c. The best time is 1hr 20mins, which means fairly fast scoring.-
The rounds as played have resulted as follows, the winners being placed first in each case:-
1st Round:-
Lorentz beat Besseling.
de Wet beat Young.
Sares beat Edwards.
Blignaut beat Stiemens.
Nel beat Siglé.
Coetzee beat Smorenberg.
Rothman beat Joubert.
Levy beat Pentz.
Geldenhuis beat van Reenen.
Parker beat Jankowitz.
Lamb beat Ryneveldt.
Uckerman beat Gozlit.
Waldeck beat Church.
Everitt beat Elzas.
Mijnhardt beat Bammes.

2nd Round:-
Rothman beat Sares (withdrew).
Everitt beat Uckerman.
Mijnhardt beat Levy.
Lamb beat Lorentz.
Parker beat de Wet.
Coetzee beat Geldenhuis.
Waldeck beat Nel.
Blignaut a bye.

3rd Round
Everitt beat Waldeck.
Mijnhardt beat Coetzee.
Lamb beat Rothman.
Blignaut beat Parker.

Lamb beat Mijnhardt.
Blignaut beat Everitt.

A handicap is also taking place on Mr Plage's table of 300 up. The understanding is that some very good form is being shown and that some most exciting games have been played. In our next we will eandeavour to give the results, which space prevents our inserting in this issue.


Our sister camp is showing signs of a desire to challenge us once more. We should stand a very poor show against them just now, so should advise our players to take advantage of the improved weather we are enjoying and go in for practice.


HM - "De mortuis nil misi bonum."

Printed and published by H Everitt.
Deadwood Camp, offices of
the "prisoner of war"

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