Deadwood Camp Gedenksboek
Fundraising from The Netherlands for prisoners at St Helena

Funds were raised for Prisoners of War and for those in the Concentration Camps, relating to the Boer War, by school children in The Netherlands. The scheme was based on a Pin Card as shown below. Donors would pay 1 penny to prick a hole in the card.

Fundraising using Pin Cards
Fundraising using Pin Cards

Schoolchildren went around with these cards, each trying to do their best to collect the most money; a prick in the 5 box on the card indicated that the donor had given 5 cents - a penny - while one in the ten box would be a receipt for a ten cents (two pennies) donation.

Accepting that almost every child in the whole of Holland participated in this, one gets a better idea of the loving kindness felt towards the poor women and children in the Concentration camps in South Africa, as well as the Boer Prisoners of War held on the various islands.

Pin Card 1
Pin Cards 1 - showing prick marks made by donors
Pin pricks
Pin Cards 1 - showing prick marks
Pin Card 2
Pin Cards 2 - showing prick marks made by donors
Pin Card 3
Pin Cards 3 - showing prick marks made by donors

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