Deadwood Camp Gedenksboek
Ceremonies and gatherings of prisoners

P.O.W.s 25
(Editors note - Unknown group. The man lying of the ground is holding a bunch of flowers and they are near stone buildings)
Assoc for Striving for betterment
(Editor note - Conference of the "Christelike Strewerskonferensie" (The Boers had an Association for striving for Betterment) meeting on 3rd and 4th January 1902. Each branch had a banner with seven branches in Broadbottom, ten in Deadwood and one in Jameston. The meeting happened in a field between Deadwood and Broadbottom. About 300 Boers took part. Detailed in a book by Ds A.F.Louw)
Church service
Church service Deadwood Camp
Prisoner gathering
Gathering at Deadwood Camp 7 January 1902 addressed by Cmdt S.J.Eloff

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