Deadwood Camp Gedenksboek
Mystery item in Deadwood Gedenksboek St Helena 1902

The following certificate was found in the Gedenksboek time capsule that was received. The book had been created by F J van Smaalen until his repatriation in 1902 from St Helena, when it was given to a medic in St Helena for safe keeping. It was then taken to South Africa where it was kept till 1921, and then taken by the guardian to Canada in 1925.
In 2020 it was sent back to South Africa by the guardian's relatives.

It theory it is a time capsule that was sealed in 1902. However at one stage the British had access to the book as it has extra pages of notes where English translations are provided obviously for someone to inspect the book after 1902.

The following item which is in the book is dated 1908.

Translation and notes from J.R.Ahlers

"On command of his majesty the Kaiser and King this high quality bronze commemorative coin/medal is awarded to
Private M.J.Green
Cape Mounted Police
in acknowledgement of his trustworthy / dedicated participation / assistance in the campaign against the rebellious indigenous people (locally born) in South West Africa."

Signed Windhoek, 1908, by the Commander of the Royal German (Kaiserliche) Protection Force in German South West Africa.
For commander J N Monnikamp (Major)

The medal-like Roman picture in the header of the certificate indicates the Campaign or duty: "South West Africa 1904-1906"

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