Deadwood Camp Gedenksboek
Terms of peace presented in Deadwood Gedenksboek St Helena 8 June1902

Notification of end of war
Notification given to P.O.W.s about the end of war

Notice presented to occupants of Deadwood Kamp 8 June 1902

Document is in English and Dutch

From Secretary of State to Governor of St Helena June 5th 1902.
Terms of Surrender of the Boers are contained in the document signed 31 May of which the following is the substance. H.E.Lord Kitchener, H..E. Lord Milner, on behalf of the British Government and General Wet, Judge J.B. M Hertzog, J Brebner and General C Olivier acting for the government of the Orange Free State, and Messrs S.W.Burger, F.W.Reitz, General Louis Botha, la Rey,Lukas Moeyen and Krogh acting for the Government of the Transvaal on behalf of their respective burghers desirous to terminate the present hostilities agree of the following articles:-

  1. Burgher force will forth with lay down arms, giving up all munitions of war and desist from further resistance to the authority of His Majesty King Edwards whom they recognise as their lawful Sovereign.
  2. All Burghers in the field outside the limits of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony and all Prisoners of War at present outside South Africa, who are Burgers, will on duly declaring their acceptance of the position as subjects of H.H. King Edward be gradually brought away to their homes as soon as Transport can be provided and their means of subsistance ensured.
  3. Burghers surrendering will not be deprived of personal liberty or property.
  4. No proceedings will be taken against burghers surrendering for bona fide acts of War, except in the case of certain acts notified to Boer Generals by Commander in Chief.
  5. The Dutch language will be taught in Schools when parents desire it and will be used in Courts of Law when necessary.
  6. Possession of Rifles for their protection to be allowed to persons taking out licence.
  7. Civil Government to be introduced as soon as possible followed by Representative leading up to self Government.
  8. No Franchise for Natives till after introduction of self Government.
  9. No special land tax in Transvaal and Orange River Colony to pay for War.
  10. His Majesty's Government will set aside 3,000,000 pounds (sterling) for restoration of population to their homes and for making good War losses.
Bona fide possession of Commandering receipts, or South African Republic Government Notes will be taken as evidence of war losses. In addition His Majesty's Government will make advances on loan to Burghers for same purpose.
Please make these terms known to Prisoners of War and inform them that preparation will be commenced as soon as possible for their gradual return, but that owing to the denuded state of the Country it will take time before all can be brought back.

Nota Bene - This is the only recognised Notification.

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