by John H Marsh

Film Annexation and photo album
The film "Annexation
John Marsh was an enthusiastic maker of movie films using the latest 16mm colour film technology.

He filmed the entire story of the Annexation of Marion & Prince Edward Island from the initial loading of the ships to the time when the Prince Edward island was annexed. This includes the first contact most of the wildlife on the island had ever had with humans.

The film was produced by his own company "Shipfotos"

An article in The South African Shipping News and Fishing Industry Review of October 1948 relates:

"Shipfoto's latest film, the 16mm full-colour documentary "Annexation", which screens for 30 minutes and is the only colour film covering South Africa's annexation of Marion and Prince Edward Islands earlier this year, has been completed"

"A special preview was held in Cape Town for the Prime Minister, Dr. D.F. Malan. Members of the present and the late Cabinets, including General Smuts, were also present. Both the Prime Minister and General Smuts expressed high praise of the production. Copies are being made for the records of a number of Government departments."

""Annexation" follows other notable Shipfoto colour films featuring historic South African events, among them being "Salvage" (the complete story of the City of Lincoln job); "The Royal Visit to Cape Town" (of which a copy was accepted by the King and Queen); and "Congo flight" (the inauguration of the first Congo-Cape air service, by Sabena). Shipfotos have now been producing colour films for eight years."

The photo albulm
A collection of photos from the event that features pictures not shown in the book. An interesting picture is of German Mauser shells which show that humans had been on the island previously.

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