by John H Marsh

HERE, for the record, is how each individual castaway of the Dunedin Star was eventually rescued.
Rescued by the Nerine
Mrs. Hilda El-Saifi
Nadya El Saifi (baby)
Mrs. Blanche Palmer
Sidney Palmer (baby)
Mr John Webster
Mr Ernest Cawdry
Mr Malcolm Hall
Mr Peter Richardson

Evacuated by air
Mrs. Alice Taylor
Miss Annabel Taylor
Mrs. Dorcas Whitworth
Mr. Momel Labib
Mrs. Pamela Labib
Camilia Labib (baby)
Mr. Moussa Saad-Mousa
Mrs. Lydia Saad-Mousa
Mr. Achmed Abdel-Rahman
Mrs. Tafida Abdel-Rahman
Mr. John Patterson
Commander Brian Hewitt

Brought back overland
Mr. Ronald Leitch

Rescued by the Temeraire
R.B. LeeMaster
G. Hammill3rd Officer
C.H. Kilpatrick1st Radio Op.
B. Train2nd " "
D. DawsonCh. Steward
W. Dennis2nd "
J. GrimmettJnr 3rd Eng
G. Davidson" 4th "
E. WhippAssist. Eng.
J. Tickle" "
R. Turner" "
C. Anderson2nd Refrig. Eng.
J. DaviesCh. Elect.
J. Keenan2nd "
H. TomlinsonCh. Eng.
A. McGeeSen. 2nd Eng.
J. StrettonAsst. Steward
A. Bray" "
G. AdamsCarpenter
W. FivesBosun
J. BowlesChief Cook
N. HumphreyButcher
C. WalshamLamptrimmer
D. AdamsAble Seaman
C. Winn" "
W. O'Connor" "
R. Owens" "
R. Driscoll" "
M. Driscoll" "
F. O'Connell" "
W. SmithAble Seaman
E. Bailly" "
J. Barlow" "
A. FosterOrd. Seaman
A. Parry" "
A. Fairbrother" "
C. FoxEngrm. Stores
D. DoyleRef. Greaser
E. Hart Main Greaser
C. MasonDeckhand
G. Thomas"
A. Eaton"
W. Green"
Rescued by the Nerine
A. Carling2nd Mate
J. Macartney4th "
E. Jones3rd Radio Op.
R. MitchellAsst. Steward
G. Stretton" "
J. MorrisSen Asst. Steward
D. MackinnonAble Seaman
C. Driscoll" "
H. HowardMain Greaser
M. WillsDeckhand
L. Code"
C. Moore"
D. Heighway"
A. Watson"
J. CollinsDeck Boy
T. JonesStewards Boy
S. Dyke" "
R. WoodwardKitchen Boy
Evacuated by air
G. Burn WoodsSurgeon
C. DeardonCh. Ref. Eng.
J. ByrneMain Greaser
J. AlexanderAsst. Steward
J. DoyleBaker
B. EdwardsStewards Boy
Brought back overland
J. Davies1st Mate
E. JohnstonAsst. Purser
G. PhimisterJnr 2nd Eng.
R. AndersonSnr 3rd Eng.
A. Hegarty" 4th "
J. BeattieAsst. Eng.
L. ThompsonCadet, acting as
fifth officer
J. RowlandCadet
W. BatesMain Greaser
F. McGrath" "
B. Robinson" "
J. McEwen" "
W. Connolly Ref"
J. Smith" "
J. McGarry2nd Cook
J. VowlesDeckhand
E. Roberts"
J. McMillan "

Copyright Michael Marsh(2020)

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