by John H Marsh

by the
P.C., C.H., K.C., D.T.D., Prime Minister of the Union of South
Africa and Commander-in-Chief of the Union Defence Force.
HUMAN nature often shows its heat in moments of grave emergency and danger, especially when lives are at stake. The heroic that slumbers in us then comes to the surface, often in surprising form. The story related here again illustrates this truth.

When the call for aid came from the helpless men, women, and children marooned on a desert beach, the men of the South African Naval Forces, the South African Air Force, the South African Army, the South African Police, the South African Railways and Harbours Administration and, last but not least, the Royal Navy, got together and, between them, pulled off what was an amazing rescue. They overcame almost superhuman difficulties and, by sheer courage and determination, saved everyone, though two of the rescuers sacrificed their lives in doing so. We salute them, one and all. They proved themselves heroes.

I am glad Mr. Marsh has told this story simply and straight-forwardly. It is one that needs no embellishment. History, I believe, will remember this epic.

Copyright Mike Marsh(2020)

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