by John H Marsh

Repair truck bogged down

With only six miles to go to the castaways the repair truck sank to its
running boards in the salt pan. Smith (right) was non-plussed

Khumi river crossing

The alternative to driving over the treacherous salt pans was to struggle
across terrain like this - soft sand, pockmarked with myriads of small sand dunes which,
if they could not be avoided, had to be dug away to let the vehicles pass.

( Original photo taken by convoy party. 16.12.42 about midday. - on route from Dunedin Star wreck
Khumib river - about 25 miles North Khumib river. In sea sand dunes - each truck
had to make its own track as sand was heavy to turn out - dunes that trucks could not negotiate
had to be dug away. Numerous small dunes about one mile from sea on horison)

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