by John H Marsh

Map ot SWA/Namibia
The Dunedin Star ashore as first seen from Naude's aircraft(view1, view2, view3)
The Dunedin Star looking a sorry sight seven months afterwards
Captain Immins Naude and his intrepid crew
Naude's Ventura bomber "Aircraft K" stuck in loose sand
The castaways rude shelters on the beach
The castaways posing bravely to be photographed
The rescue ships: Temeraire; H.M.S.A.S. Nerine; H.M.S.A.S. Crassula, H.M.S.A.S. Natalia
The tug Sir Charles Elliott being repaired in dry dock; wrecked among the breakers; her master, Captain Harry Brewin
Captain John ("Pump") Brafield Smith; with his family on board ship
Captain Smith's overland rescue convoy struggling to get across a dried-up river; one of the trucks and its water trailerbogged
In the terrible 20-mile canyon every vehicle is bogged; the water barrels are filled for the last time at a waterhole before the start of the desert crossing
The repair truck sunk up to its running boards in the salt pan; soft sand pock-marked with myriads of small sand dunes blocks the way of the vehicles
Rescuers and rescued - Denis Scully, who swam with the life-line through the surf; Corporal Harvey bringing four crew men of the wrecked liner back to civilisation
The ill-fated Melbourne Star to which the rescued crew of the Dunedin Star, her sister ship, were posted just before she was blown up
Three years after the drama a mineralogical surveyor reached the scene and took these photographs
Skeleton Coast in 1978
The Khomas Hochland
Rossing Uranium Mine
Naukluft sand dune mountain
Salt mine; Wlotzka's Baken
The cross of Diogo Cam at Cape Cross
Cape Cross seal colony
Beach seal colony; guano-collecting platforms
Abandoned drilling station in the desert
More shipwrecks
Aircraft flying over the desert
The battle between the sand and the sea
Desert airfield
Mowe Bay, the only settlement on Skeleton Coast; Rocky Point, site of dramatic rescues
Sarusas: Louw Schoeman and his wife, Maureen
"Rommel, the Desert Fox"; visitors at the abandoned amethyst mine
Land-Rovering in the Skeleton Coast Park
Wind-eroded rock faces; forbidding terrain
The mystery abandoned village
Abandoned water barrels from Smiths convoy
The Dunedin Star wreck area and relics
Seals at play and gemsbuck at rest
Picnicking; elephant spoor; miracle garden
The Sir Charles Elliott wreck site and the grave of Mathias
Remains of Naude's bomber
Wreck of the Karimona; diamond-prospector's abandoned apparatus at Rocky Point
Suiderkus wreck; sliding down the sand dunes
Ghost crabs; Mountain zebra
Diamonds galore
Additional historic photographs not used in the book
Lifeboat on shore with Dunedin Star in waves behind.
Truck stuck in river bed
All trucks stuck in sand
Kwawarib slup
Laying logs in drift
First truck to cross Hoaraseb River drift
Obtaining supply of drinking from "Ghorra" waterhole
Convoy crossing Gumatum river in flood
Truck bogged in track on turf mopani plains.
Naude's bomber after the crash on the second convoy mission.

Copyright Mike Marsh(2006)

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