by John H Marsh


A mineralogical surveyor, Mr P.T.Walters, in January 1945 made his way to the Skeleton Coast and later sent these photos of what he found to the Author.


Skeleton of a native near the mouth of the Hoarusib River (the inscription in the sand, laid with the aid of small white stones, was presumably added irreverently by the photographer).

Dunedin Star

The Dunedin Star; broken and disintegrating, yet still defiantly holding her poop gun steady.
In the foreground, Hansen's surf boat being slowly swallowed by the sand.

Naude's bomber

The wreck of Naude's bomber, high upon the beach.

Mathais grave

The grave of Mathias in its original form, with the plank on which his shipmates had written their tribute forming part of a crude cross. In the background the wreck of the "Sir Charles Elliott", her mast, funnel and bridge still standing.

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