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Radio Frequency Identification systems and solutions. Suppliers and designers of readers, transponders and systems - RFID - "a barcode replacement technology"
RFID Technologies
Radio Frequency Identification systems designers - Suppliers of UHF RFID systems
The ONLY RFID technology that can identify and give exact location information for passive RFID transponders
Cost effective solar system for South Africa
Low cost solar system for base load energy generation to reduce energy requirements for homes in South Africa
Dealing with Load shedding at home for South African conditions
Load shedding has become a reality in South Africa and solutions are needed to manage the blackouts
Grid-tie inverters
Converting solar energy directly to mains useful energy
Stand alone inverters
Converting battery energy directly to mains useful energy
Storing solar energy
Different battery technologies to store solar energy
Solar water heating - solar geysers
Solar Geysers - Heating water from the sun
Measuring systems for solar systems
Measuring equipment for solar energy
Building an energy efficient SMART HOME
Building a smart home control system to maximise the use of solar energy to run the home and minimise energy needed from municipality.
Going off the grid with solar systems
Using solar alone to power your establishment
South African Maritime Museum
National Museum relating to Maritime history - situated in Cape Town
South African Military History Society
Society of enthusiasts of South African Military History comprising of approximately 500 members with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban
Joan's eBook publishing
End of print and new books that are now available in eBook format for delivery to global readers
Skeleton Coast
The book written by John H Marsh about the dramatic rescue of survivors of the wreck of the Dunedin Star during WW2 (Now in its 14th edition/reprint)
No Pathway Here
The book written by John H Marsh about the annexation of the Prince Edward and Marion Islands by South Africa in Dec 1947
South Africa and the War at Sea
A booklet written by J H Marsh of interesting ships calling at Cape Town
Technical help notes on some electronic equipment
Building a Smart Home,
Solar Grid Tie inverters,
Solar geysers,
Measuring systems for solar systems,
Comparison of different battery technologies for storing solar energy,
Comparison of energy costs from electricity/gas/petrol/coal,
Replacing ignition lock on BMW 325i E30 ,
Cessna 182E

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