South Africa and the War at Sea


by John H Marsh

This is an internet copy of the above publication which was published by my father in approx 1950 in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a small booklet costing two shillings and six pence. There were meant to be many such booklets in the series, but eventually only one was published.
Mike Marsh 2007

  • Preface
  • ARK ROYAL  Secret Visit of a Famous Ship
  • CERAMIC  There was only One Survivor
  • DORSETSHIRE  Three Fights to the Death
  • GLOUCESTER  700 Men Gave Their Lives
  • HANNINGTON COURT  Crewless and Ablaze, She Rounded the Cape
  • ILE DE FRANCE  She Made History at Union Ports
  • MAURETANIA  Ferried Springboks
  • NELSON  Neither Mine nor Torpedo Could Sink Her
  • NEPTUNE  Doomed, She Signalled "Keep Away!"
  • NIEUW AMSTERDAM  "The Queen of the Seas"
  • NOVA SCOTIA  South Africa's Greatest Sea Disaster
  • QUEEN ELIZABETH  The World's Mightiest Ship
  • STRATHAIRD  The First Troopship
  • TESTBANK  Shortened by 20 Feet in Collision
  • TIMAVO  Scuttled on the Zululand Coast
  • WATUSSI  German Liner Being Scuttled
  • John H Marsh

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